Cerberus Awakened Code of Conduct

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Cerberus Awakened Code of Conduct

Post by Akito Kedaruge on Fri May 15, 2015 4:39 am

We, the Council of Growl, hope to provide a friendly and fun environment for all of our gaming family. In order to achieve that goal, we have decided to create this Code of Conduct. This Code lays out our general belief of proper behavior so that all can enjoy both their in-game and forum experiences together.

Failure to abide by this Code, and/or misrepresentation of the FC in any way, will result in a punishment befitting the severity of the infraction.

General Rules

Be respectful
Awareness of how your actions and opinions may affect those around you is key to maintaining a friendly environment. While differences of opinions are bound to exist between fellow members, this shouldn't give rise to needless conflict. If an argument arises, maintain a level head and settle the issue in a civil manner. If things get out of hand, the situation will be dealt with in a manner seen fit by the Council.

Complaints may be brought directly to a Council member's or Admin's attention and will be considered and dealt with privately. However, we hope you all are mature enough to handle your own problems, especially trivial ones. Please, only come to us if our intervention is considered necessary.

Harassment/Bullying in any way, shape, or form is simply unacceptable. Joking around is a natural part of interaction with others, but it's up to you to understand when a joke has gone too far or is just downright offensive.

Blatant cases of harassment/bullying will lead to dismissal from the FC. Questionable cases will be investigated and dealt with accordingly. If you feel you are being harassed, or know of a harassment case, please speak privately with a Council member/Admin on the matter as we need to know about such incidents.

Contribute to a positive environment
Having a bad day? Unhappy with certain things? Please, don't take it out on us. It'd be hard to maintain a friendly and fun environment if a Debbie Downer is killing the mood. Try your best to keep the negativity out and let the positive vibes resonate with your soul. If something really is bothering you, talk it out with someone; though, please keep those conversations private.

Contributing to the environment can also include providing new ideas or constructive criticism. Got an idea on how to make the forum better? Is something about the FC bothering you to no end? Feel free to tell the Council or an Admin about these or similar thoughts and we'll see what we can do! However, remember to keep such comments/suggestions respectful and make sure they're not mostly self-interested.

Within the Realm

FC Chat
As the in-game FC chat is a means for direct communication with all other members online at the time, it is one of the most important tools at our disposal to uphold the values of the FC. Given its importance, there are certain rules we expect all to honor when using the FC chat:

  • Keep conversations respectable; avoid topics that could make other members feel uncomfortable.
  • Personal drama should be taken care of in private as to not disturb other members.
  • Spamming the chat is unacceptable. This can include, but is not limited to: quick, successive posts; posts that are unnecessarily long; and multiple, unwanted posts of the same message/link.

Violators will be given a warning, then dismissed if the behavior continues.

Helping others
As we hope to attract veterans, experienced players, and newbies; there arises the opportunity to create a helpful community. We encourage all members to assist others to the best of their ability. This can include, but is not limited to: sharing hints/tips, discussing strategies, running fates/dungeons/raids together, and passing on knowledge to newer and/or less experienced players. Please, be patient and understanding when asking for help. Only those who are willing to help should respond, and remember to be respectful.

Also, there is a line between "asking for help" and simply "asking for completion". While there are members who do enjoy helping others, they do not enjoy being taken advantage of. We encourage members to only ask for help if they truly need it. We are not here to run your content for you. While it is understood that random parties can be frustrating, understand that we've all been through it; it's just part of the game.

The FC Chest
If given the permissions to access the FC chest, understand that it is not to be treated as extra storage or as a means to get rid of unwanted items from your own inventories. As it stands, the first chest should be used for items you wish to share with others, the second chest holds higher level crafting materials, and the third chest is for private use of our highest ranked members.

Items deemed as "trash" will be removed from the chest. Understand that if an item is placed in the chest, you are giving up ownership rights to it.

On the Forum

There is a bit more freedom in terms of forum posts. Make sure your post is related to the main forum it's under. Any NSFW content should be accompanied by a fair warning. Posts with horrendously inappropriate or malicious content will be removed and posting rights of the user will be suspended or revoked.

Replies should remain on topic and follow the same general communication rules explained in the sections above.

Forum Chat box
We have left the chat box as a voluntary experience; you must log in to the chat box separately after logging on to the forum. With this in mind, the forum chat box is a more open form of communication for those members who choose to take part in it. Aside from common courtesy and general rules, conversations will not be very restricted. Feel free to talk about almost anything you want with whoever else is logged in to the chat box. The forum is also accessible by mobile devices meaning you can chat with whoever is on from wherever you are (assuming you have internet access).

Growl's VoIP

Discord Group
For those interested in voice communication with fellow FC members/friends of the FC, we have a Discord group available. Discord is a VoIP that works for PC, MAC OSX, Apple iOS, Android devices, and is even usable within browsers (with Linux support coming soon). There are already quite a few of our members who enjoy using it to ease communication during dungeon runs/raids, and also just for general chatting purposes while playing the game together. While we do like to encourage people to join us because of the ease of communication, we do not require those present in the voice channels to speak in order to communicate back (see below). If you would like to join us on Discord, feel free to ask for an invitation link.

For clarification purposes, even if you do decide to join the Discord group you are not required to be present in it whenever you play. You may join and leave as you please.

Discord Linkshell
We have created an in-game linkshell specific to our Discord group and is mandatory for all of our regular Discord users. The linkshell was created in order to keep Discord conversations separate from general FC chat to avoid confusion of those not involved. If you would like to hear our voices but respond in text, the LS is there to serve that very purpose.

Discord Communication Guidelines
For the sake of establishing Discord as an open environment for all FC members, we ask that all users abide by the same rules set for other FC communications. Keep conversations respectful, avoid uncomfortable topics, and absolutely no bullying/harassing other users. Remember to keep in mind who all of the users of our Discord channel are, not just who is on at the time. In the event a Council member is not present when an infraction occurs, feel free to send a private message through Discord or inform a Council member in-game through a private tell to notify us of the infraction. The infraction will be dealt with a.s.a.p.

As you may notice, there are multiple voice channels provided. Fabuloafs is our general purpose room. FXIV Raids, as the name suggests, is to be used by groups currently involved in a raid that do not wish to be interrupted by those not involved. Channels can be added/removed as needed.

The severity of punishment will depend on the infraction and can include (but is not limited to):

  • Temporary, or Permanent, muting in voice channels
  • Temporary, or Permanent, revocation of Discord text-channel posting rights
  • Temporary kick, or Permanent ban, from the Discord group
  • Dismissal from the FC

Reasons for punishment can include, but is not limited to:

  • All fore mentioned prohibited behavior
  • Audio Spam/Issues
  • Improper use of channels

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tl;dr: Don't be a scrub. Scrubs aren't welcome in our FC or on our forum.

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