Changes within the FC:

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Changes within the FC:

Post by Wayren Locke on Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:50 pm

Most of you are aware by now that there have been, and will continue to be, a number of changes within the FC.  One of the biggest of these changes is that Eton has stepped down as leader within the FC, and that I have been promoted to this position.  I will try my best to run the company as effectively as I can, but I must ask for your assistance.

Over the course of the next week, there will be a survey posted on the message board in game where you can vote on some of the upcoming changes, and I would like to summarize those changes here:

As I am sure you are aware, several of our members have left the FC recently, many of which because they felt that the FC wasn't operating to their standards, and because they felt the council was not solving any of the problems present in the FC. However, nobody ever approached us with any of the problems mentioned at this time, so we were not aware of their existence.  This leads into the first and probably most important of the issues I would like to discuss, as it is the heart of the problems that have surfaced in the FC:  If you have problems, issues, difficulties, with anyone or anything in the FC that you feel need to be resolved, BRING IT TO OUR ATTENTION.  You are selecting admins, and we have our council, who are all expected and able to problem solve!  However, DO NOT expect us to solve an issue if you DON'T bring it to our attention - we aren't omniscient!  We can't do anything about it if we don't know about it!  If you DO approach us with a problem, give us time to investigate and come up with a course of action, but rest assured that we aren't ignoring you either! Some problems take time to resolve, depending on the scale of the problem.

Which brings us to the second and third issue.  There have been complaints that ranks mean nothing in our FC - there are too many of them and the differences between them are virtually non-existent, barring a few minor permission changes.  On top of this, between two of our council members leaving recently, and another two on hiatus from the game for a while, there are not enough admins present/available to problem solve or handle FC affairs.  

To solve these issues, we will be implementing a new ranking system, which includes the addition of a new Admin rank.  The admins will be voted in by you as fellow members, and they will have privileges and responsibilities roughly equivalent to the council, so as to provide more people who are able and willing to help keep the FC running smoothly.  This rank will be expected to help solve everyday problems within the FC, as well as helping organize events, activating company actions, handling promotions/demotions between lower ranks (such as bumping new members from probationary status to being full members, etc.), and generally assisting other members with day to day problems. After one month in position as admin, another survey will be posted to allow members to review the effectiveness of our admins.  If it is widely felt that admins are abusing or slacking in their responsibilities, they may be subject to demotion and another voted in to their place.  Additionally, the number of admins is subject to change as our FC grows or shrinks so as to provide a suitable balance between our members.  During such times as it is deemed that new admins are needed, a survey will be posted allowing players to vote for the new admins.

The next issue that needs addressing is the size of our FC.  It has recently begun to shrink dramatically, and so I would like to remind you that ALL MEMBERS (barring probationary rank) have the ability to invite players to our FC.  I am placing the responsibility of recruiting new members on all of you, and would like you to use good judgement when inviting new players to our FC.  You do not need to ask permission from an admin to invite a friend, just go for it! Very Happy  Also, if you encounter new members who are interested, or even seasoned veterans who are on the lookout for a new company, send them an invite! As for placement, new members will begin in probationary status until they are seen to be active, friendly members, at which point they will be promoted to full member status - this should normally take about a week, to give the rest of us time to get to know these new players and see if they fit in.

I want to thank you all for your patience as these changes are implemented, and would like to remind you that myself, the other members of the council, and your newly appointed admins are all here to help, so PLEASE do not be afraid to approach us with problems/suggestions/requests.  THAT'S WHY WE ARE HERE!!! Very Happy

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